Take a walk in the footsteps of old Finnish immigrants and discover old remains of of Finnish settlements on a path beetween Gräs and Bosjön that has over 300 years of history.
Finnvägen is the road that in the old days connected the villages Gräs and Bosjön until 1950-51, when a proper road was built.
Today we know little about who the original "walkers" of Finnvägen were. In the early days, Bosjön used to belong to Gräs homestead/farming area and was called Gräsbosjön.

In the beginning of the 17th Century Finnish immigrants began to settle down in the area around the lake. On the northwest side of Bosjön there was a big settlement and as time passed, they formed a new village.
There are information signs for these settlements along the trail. We have to assume that the Finnish immigrants by Bosjön lake in the beginning established themselves as burn-heaters, and exploited the untouched forest with their particular farming technique.

Length: 9 km
Severity: Medium
Marking: Orange
Start (GPS): 59.832578, 13.766491

Directions: From Hagfors; drive towards Sunnemo on road 240. Drive through Sunnemo centre and turn right at the sign "Finnvägen" to get to the parking lot. The starting point is across the road. The path isn't a roundtour so you have to walk the same way back.
Hagfors Turistinformation
Dalavägen 10
683 80 Hagfors
+46 56318750
Finnvägen, Sunnemo
Municipality: Hagfors
En naturskön vandringsled som sträcker sig 9 km mellan byarna Gräs - Bosjön.
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