Fräkensjömyrarna Alfaleden och Valpleden

Hike in the nature reserve "Fräkensjömyrarna".
Both the "Valpleden" and "Alfaleden" takes you through a landscape of wetland, past tarns in a landscape dominated by wild nature.
The mirecomplex "Fräkensjömyrarna" spreads over nearly 30 square kilometres on the border between Värmland and Dalarna.
Take a walk trough a landscape dominated by the wild nature's sounds and forms.
In the spring shouts of golden plover, grane and red throated divers can be heard, while both wolves and owl can be heard among the voices of the night.

The purpose of the reserve is to preserve the natural area with its valuable mirecomplex, forest vegetation, hydrology, biological diversity and the area's wilderness character.
The area is included in the EU network of valuable nature, Natura 2000.

Both the trail "Valpleden" and the longer trail "Alfaleden" takes you through forest, over wetlands and past the lakes.
Discover charchoal burnerhuts and hunting pits, and perhaps you'll see the aapamires typical stripes of vegetation and water from the trail or older trees with marking from forest fires.

Length: Alfaleden 10 km, Valpleden 4,5 km
Severity: Medium
Marking: Alfaleden orange, Valpleden blue
Start (GPS): 60.14911, 13.927059

Directions: From Hagfors via Geijersholm; turn left towards Gustavsfors.
At a Y-junction before Gustavsfors; turn right towards Laggåsen.
After the small village Laggåsen there's a sign - Fräkensjömyrarna 5 km.
Then follow the wooden signs to the parking lot.

Fräkensjömyrarna is maneged by Länsstyrelsen Värmland.
Hagfors Turistinformation
Dalavägen 10
683 80 Hagfors
+46 56318750
Municipality: Hagfors
Från Hagfors via Geijersholm; sväng vänster mot Gustavsfors. Vid en Y-korsning innan Gustavsfors svänger du höger mot Laggåsen. Efter byn laggåsen finns skylten - Fräkensjömyrarna 5 km. Följ därefter träskyltarna i varje vägkorsning fram till parkeringen.
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