Klarälven is the river which floats through all of Värmland.
Klarälven is the river most south of our great north Swedish rivers. It starts in Härjedalen's mountains, passes the lake Rogen, crosses the border to Norway and flows through the lakes Femunden and Isteren, continues southwards and returns to the Swedish area in the north of Värmland. The river then flows like an artery through the landscape, from Långflon in the north to Karlstad in the south.

Through its central location and strength, Klarälven has been dominated for the Värmland’s business sector. In the past; lakes and streams formed a natural communication route, so people moved to all distant areas. Although only a few discoveries from the Stone Age are found in the northern part of Värmland. You can assume that the first colonists have followed the river to the north and built the first village.

In the 19th century, Klarälven had already received another important function. The timber fleet began to become more important, and today Klarälven is one of the country's top floatways.
Klarälven's role for the Värmland industry is, however, primarily in the power industry. A large number of rapids and waterfalls in both the main river and the tributaries have already been expanded, thus making an important contribution to industrial development.
Hagfors Turistinformation
Dalavägen 10
683 80 Hagfors
Klarälven i Hagfors Kommun
683 61 Ekshärad
Municipality: Hagfors
Klarälven är omkring 460 kilometer lång. Nästan 300 kilometer av floden är belägen i Sverige, främst i Värmland, men även i viss mån i Härjedalen. Efter inflödet i Sverige i nordligaste Värmland följer Klarälven en rak sprickdal söderut, Klarälvdalen, där den bildar imponerande meanderbågar på en sträcka av 90 kilometer. Vid Edebäck har dalgången fyllts igen av stora isälvsavlagringar, och Klarälven har tvingats in i en ny västligare fåra med flera vattenfall och forsar.
On the east side of Klarälven river. 500 m from the centre of Ekshärad. 105 km north of Karlstad by road 62.
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