Nature Reserve Ginbergsängen

Nature Reserve Ginbergsängen is a peninsula with wetland alder forest and warm sandy beaches which lies in the river Klärälven.
The nature reserve Ginbergsängen is a peninsula in the valley of Klarälven. The whole peninsula was formerly a city cohabitation. Here grazed cows and sheep on the meadow. However, the thin sandy fields did not produce any significant crops, and the number of users became increasingly few over time. Between 1940 and 1950, agriculture ceased.

The flowing water of Klarälven digs into the sediment layers and forms the characteristic peninsula of the valley, of which Ginbergssängen is an example. The peninsula is constantly changing. Klarälven's currents dig into the northern part of the peninsula and transport away sand and plant parts. The material accompanies the river and is deposited again in the southern part of the peninsula where water streams decrease. At high tide, the sand banks are further built and when the river returns to its normal level, the remains of the deposited material remain in the form of river basins. A number of old river valleys can be seen inside the reserve.

The reserve was formed to preserve one of Klarälven's peninsulas with characteristic surface shapes, deciduous woodland forests and special beach environments, as well as preserve the rich flora and fauna of the area. The area is part of the EU network of protected areas, Natura 2000.

Animals and plants:
Deciduous forest has taken back the peninsula and insects, birds and plants belonging to the Alder forest are slowly coming back. Along the river shore, the alder change into shrubs. The Ginbergsängen Reserve has a very special shellfish fauna with rare landhunters like beach sanders, silver runners and brokstrand runners. These are linked to sandy river banks and the two later have their main presence in Sweden along Klarälven. Within the Ginbergsänge, a large number of species of perennial beetles and other insects in the deciduous forest have also been found, offering plenty of suitable habitats in the form of dead and dying trees and sunny spikes with plenty of herbs.

Ginbergsängen also offers several small waters that have been cut off from Klarälven in line with the land increase, and here live among other things. Lemon stewed lizard and many other small crawfish linked to hot tiny water. In addition, there are playing plenty of field frogs and common frogs. Thanks to the different habitats and the abundant supply of small insects, many birds are also welcome within the reserve.

At Öjenäs about 5 km south of Ekshärad east of road 62.

Information board is at the reserve boarders both in the north and south. A marked path takes the visitor around the reserve.

In the reserve it is forbidden to:
• drive motorized vehicles,
• pick herbs, mosses, lichens or mushrooms,
• collect insects other than for scientific purposes in cooperation with the county administrative board.

Bildat: 1991
Size: 82 hectares
Landowners: Private, Company and State
Managing Director: County Administrative Board of Värmland County
Hagfors Turistinformation
Dalavägen 10
683 80 Hagfors
Municipality: Hagfors
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