Svartåleden Brattforsheden

Walk in the conservation area of Brattforsheden along a path that mostly follows the unique stream Svartån that's flowing north!
The trail Svartåleden begins in the most northern part of the conservation area Brattforsheden and connects the lakes Grässjön and Alstern.
The trail follows most parts of the meandering stream Svartån - one of our unique streams since it's flowing north.

Brattforsheden holds many geologically interesting areas, with kettle holes, ridges, canyons and dunes that are among the largest ones in the country.

The concervation area is not only just part of Hagfors Municipality, but also Karlstad and Filipstad, and apart from the 18 km long Svartåleden there are also 8 other trails within Brattforsheden;
Mangenbadsleden (5 km)
Naturetrails (Blå - 4,5 km. Gul - 2,5 km)
Trail around kettle holes(1 km)
Västerrudsleden (15 km)
Ormtjärnsleden (2,5 km)
Hedskiftesslingan (5 km)

Lenght: 18 km
Severity: Medium
Marking: Red
Start (GPS): 59.834789, 13.750377

Directions: From Hagfors; follow signs to Sunnemo on road 240. Drive through Sunnemo centre and turn right at the sign "Brattforsheden" to get to the car park and information.
Hagfors Turistinformation
Dalavägen 10
683 80 Hagfors
+46 56318750
Svartåleden Brattforsheden
Municipality: Hagfors
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Svartåleden Brattforsheden
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