Anders “The Iron Man” Olsson

Being the victim of unfortunate circumstances in the health care Anders Olsson is paralyzed from the waist and down. This led to some tough years for Anders when he nearly lost his hope and faith in the future. Fortunately, he was challenged by a friend and that really gave him a boost in the right direction.

Today Anders Olsson from Hagfors works to inspire others to believe in themselves and to give them hope that anything is possible. It is you who has to make the difference, he says. Maybe it's his childhood in Hagfors that characterized his ambition and fighting spirit. Anders is successful not only as an athlete but also as a person who works hard to achieve his personal goals. His many qualifications give him every reason to his nickname, the Iron Man from Hagfors. For example in the Vansbro swimming competition in 2008 he came at the ninth finish among 3000 participants with no disabilities.

His latest project is Wild Water Challenge, a fundraiser where he during the summer of 2013 swum along the entire Klarälven river. The goal is, in the summer of 2014, to arrange an inspiring Camp Iron Man in Hagfors for people with disabilities. His vision is to show that anything is possible and that there are no limitations!

I am a gold medalist and world champion of disability swimming. I am constantly looking for new challenges and ways to achieve them

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