Christer Sjögren

Christer Sjögren
Christer Sjögren, the vocalist and solo artist, was born in Hagfors, Värmland, year 1950. Christer showed early a musical talent and started his first band when he was 14 years old.

Christer’s second band was the local band Jupiter where he was vocalist and organist. After Hagfors he went to Mariestad and the band Pelles. Then he started to sing in the band Vikingarna where he harvested his greatest successes.
Year 2008 Christer celebrated 40 years as an artist with a show in Stockholm and released a collection cd.
He’s also had a solo career when he among other things participated in the Melodifestivalen, the musical Sound of Music and touring with Pernilla Wahlgren, Sonja Aldén and Elisabeth Andreassen.
When he’s not on tour he spends time with his family and his biggest interest is cars and motors.

Photographer: Peter Knutson

I associate the start of my musical career with my growing up in Hagfors