Risberg Herrgård

At Risberg you can "rent a mansion”
Here we offer a functional accommodation or a meeting place in a manor environment.
Risbergs amazing mansion environment suits you that want a functional accomodation with that extra touch. You are here either to work or on holiday. At Risberg you can feel the calmness of the country side but you are still close to the community. The concept "Rent a mansion" means that you stay at the mansion. Either by renting an entire wing or separate rooms. You can also rent a room or two for meetings.

There are three houses with their own kitchen, living room and bedroom. All houses offer self catering - the guest brings and cooks their own food and drinks during the stay. We can help with tips for catering.

Risberg Herrgård is situated beautifully by lake Rådasjön about 10 minutes car drive from Hagfors. In the area you can swim in a lake and you are close to hiking-and mountainbiketrails as well as Klarälvsbanan. The surroudnings offers the opportunies for hunting and fishing.

Two persons/double room - 300 SEK/person
One person - 450 SEK/person
Book at least two nights.

Rent a wing with room for up to six persons-
One day 1500 SEK.
Book at least two nights.
If you wish to book more than two weeks please contact us for details.
Risberg Herrgard
Risberg Herrgård
683 40 Uddeholm
Municipality: Hagfors
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Pricetype: Double room
Price: 600 kr
For two persons For one person 450 SEK At least two nights
Pricetype: Wing
Price: 1500 kr
For up to six persons. At least two nights